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"All Inclusive" What does that mean?

While all of our pet grooming services, ranging from bath packages to master styling, are all inclusive, we should note that this is based off of a coat presented in good or “bath ready” condition.

If the coat is tangled or excessively matted, these things add prep time before the pet can be bathed. Dematting or clipper strip fees are for this extra time that it takes to ensure that each pet will receive a thorough wash and proper coat prep for the betterment of skin and coat health.

Ultimately, skin and coat health is why we price our packages as ‘all inclusive’. Each pet is evaluated to determine which of our 12 shampoos will be the most beneficial. After that, each pet is remoisturized with one of three deep conditioners. Every package also includes teeth brushing, ear cleaning, anal glands checked, and nail trim and file. There’s no extra charge for these procedures because it’s our belief that each pet needs these services during their nose to tail detailed visit!

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Pets with underlying conditions:

We see your pets multiple times a year. Sometimes weekly! We will always note any abnormalities that we may come across. Please know that pictures and videos may be taken in order to document for our pet parents and their veterinarians. With our nose to toes evaluation there is little we miss.


(I.e. ear infections, sebaceous cysts, and tartar buildup, just to name a few.)


We like to introduce our puppies with something simple for them, like a bath or mini groom package. This allows them to experience all the sights, sounds, and sensations of a salon without requiring them to sit through a full groom. We ask that our clients allow us to evaluate each puppy at their first visit to determine if they are comfortable enough for a full pet grooming service.

Pricing for puppies is structured based on size. For example, a 4 month old Labrador may start as a small but as they increase in size, their price will increase accordingly.

Matted pets:

There are many factors that we, as professionals, consider while determining what is best for matted pets. First and foremost, we will always put comfort of the pup first. Will they tolerate dematting? If yes, will their skin tolerate it? With our products and training it IS possible to work SOME matting out.

With comfort in mind, we will be happy to discuss what is in your pet’s best interest.

* All-inclusive pet grooming pricing is based on a pet that arrives “bath ready”. Pricing for either matt removal(clipper strip) or dematting, is based off of how much additional time it takes to prep that pet for a bath.

All matting must be removed in order to start our bathing process.

What is your no-show policy?

We believe in no pup being left behind! In other words, keeping your pet on a schedule makes it easier on them as they begin to see grooming as a routine. By being considerate of appointment times, you as a pet parent, allow us to establish a relationship with your pet!

After three no call, no shows we will require a 50%

non-refundable deposit of service price in order to book further appointments. This deposit will be applied to scheduled service.

What is your pickup policy?

We like to allow 3-6 hours per pet based on size, coat condition, and service. This allows us to give pets breaks as needed as we do not believe in rushing through a very detailed process. We allow clients to give us a specific pick up time on their drop off forms or we will call when ready!

We work by pick up times because, based on what each pet needs, is how we assign them to specific bathers and groomers. It’s a little different system but it really allows us to to put our “doodle” groomers with doodles, groomers who love shihtzus with shihtzus, etc.

We like our team working on what they are passionate about!

*Special accommodations are always available for special needs pets and should be discussed prior to scheduling.

**“ASAP” pickups will incur an express fee of $15 ONLY IF the pet is left over 1 hour after pick up call is made.

Service refusal:

n the rare occurrence that we believe it would not be beneficial for your pet to receive services, we do reserve the right to refuse servicing that animal.


Things like active infections, open sores, and flea infestations are just a few examples of things we may refer to your veterinarian to receive grooming clearance.

Pets with fleas:

Pets will be treated as needed if there are fleas present. Cost($10) is for immediate flea treatment and removal.


Our flea treatment is NOT a preventative and does not treat home environments. We do recommend pets be on monthly flea prevention as advised by your veterinarian.

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